01 March 2014

the one about a change

Well folks, it's happened again. I've switched to a new site to continue this party. Head over to theangelalopez.squarespace.com to keep updated!

25 February 2014

the one about my future

My graduation date is looming ever closer. Since coming back from Christmas break I have been scouring the internet for jobs and internships, anything really. For months and months I have been pounding the pavement for my next move. I have always been the girl with the plan and it's been unsettling to not have something in the works. It seems that I have run into rejection after rejection. The latest in the series came yesterday. Up until then I haven't been too worried, but the past few months of pushing aside my worry finally came spilling out.

23 February 2014

the one where it's almost spring

I have been dying for a splash of the sun and today Utah delivered. I was coming home from church with the wonderful winter sun shining down on me. The unexpected warmth was so intoxicating that I couldn't stay inside all afternoon. I convinced (it wasn't hard) some of my roommates to take a drive to Utah Lake so we bask in the sun. I just want it to spring already! We walked around, soaked up the rays, and took some pictures. I like this picture thing; it's addicting.

21 February 2014

the one about my friday afternoon

I love Fridays. Partly because I don't have class and can spend the whole day reading and partly because...well ok, it's just because I don't have class :) The weather was beautiful today so I planned a hike with Katie. We went up to to the Y with every intention of hiking to the top when I remembered the Bonneville Trail. The Bonneville Trail stretches from Salt Lake all the way down to Mapleton. It follows the mountain is gorgeous.

Aside from wanting a good workout, I also wanted to take my camera out for a spin. Papa Lo gave it to me for Christmas along with four different lenses. I wanted to try out a different lens from the one I shot with in Goblin Valley. It was a perfect hike and I got some good shots. I'm still figuring out some of the nuances and tricks, but so far so good :)

17 February 2014

the one about my first sewing project

This weekend I finally had time to do some sewing, beyond just hemming something. I'm a fairly novice sewer so I didn't want to do anything too crazy. I did some blog surfing and and found a project that I wanted to try: throw pillows. I've wanted to spruce up my room for some time now and this was an easy way to do it.

The process was super super simple. Here's what you need:

-Pillow insert (you can really use any size)
-Measuring tape

Measure the width and height of the pillow. Mine was a 16" square pillow. Cut out your front panel with a 1/4" allowance. For the back panel you're going to create a pocket that you can slip your pillow into. I cut out my fabric so it was 3/4 the height of my pillow, again allowing 1/4" for a seam. My two back panels were 12 1/2" tall and 16 1/2" wide.

After you cut out your pieces it's pretty easy going. I ironed my pieces to make sure they were nice and flat. I started with my back panels. I folded down the top portion about an inch, ironed in a crease, and put in two seams, about 1/4" apart. The second seam was just for decoration. I did the same thing on the other back panel. Now it's time to sew the front and back together. Put the three pieces together so the patterned sides are facing each other and put in a seam 1/4" in from the edge of the fabric. After you've stitched around the entire perimeter simply turn your pillow inside out and slip your insert in!

16 February 2014

the one where i hiked for days

Since it is a long weekend, I felt obligated to head out of town. A few months ago I came across an article that listed all the days the national parks would be free of admission for visitors. President's Day was one of these celestial days. A group of friends and I began planning another trip down to Zion National Park. Unfortunately that plan fell through so we decided to go to Goblin Valley.

We woke up pretty early since it is a three-and-a-half hour drive. We wanted to have most of the day for hiking. Next to Goblin Valley, there is another trailhead that has both a six mile and an eight mile loop. We decided to start with this trail before heading into the state park. we wanted to do the six mile loop so we would have enough time to do the other park.

This is where our journey gets, uh, interesting. The first part of our hike was wonderful! The slot canyon was amazing. We stumbled over rocks and up ledges, trudged through sand, and dodged twigs, rocks, and little gifts from animals. The trail wasn't marked very well so it sometimes felt like we wandering in the wilderness Old Testament style. At one point we found a map. This was the worst map I have ever seen. First, it was topographical. You needed a degree in topography to read this thing. Second, the trail was barely marked on it. It was almost impossible to tell what was a trail and what was not. We chose to keep heading straight instead of turning due east. We didn't want to do another slot canyon, so we decided to take the tail around the mountain.

We walked, and walked, and walked. At this point, we hadn't seen another living soul in hours. I was beginning to get a little worried. We hadn't packed in lunch since we were only planning on taking the six mile loop. Katie had put on her pedometer and we had already gone about 8 miles. Around every turn we just found more canyon and no parking lot. Two of us climbed to the top of the mountain to scout out the trail. At a complete loss of what to do, we decided to say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father which way to go. We all felt strongly that we should return to the sign and take the other slot canyon.

It was late in the day and I was worried that we weren't going to make it back to the parking lot before we lost the light. We decided to keep a steady pace until we got out of the canyon. I was pretty tired by now and I was starting to feel it in my legs. I felt like I had just gotten a hip replacement. We walked briskly for the next two and a half hours or so. It took us about an hour to get back to the 'map' and onto the right trail.

Eventually we made it to the parking lot. I have never been so excited to see people! Once we realized that we were safe, we all sort of deflated and gave in to our exhaustion. After we checked Katie's pedometer, we realized that we had walked 18 miles.

18 miles!

That's the better part of a marathon, people! On the drive back we stopped in Price to fill up on gas and get some caffeine. There was a collective groan as we got out of the car. I did not think I was going to make it into the gas station. My whole body was achey and my feet were utterly destroyed. It was an adventure to say the least. My body is still in revolt, but I'm recovering slowly and steadily. I never want to get lost again; I do not recommend it.

09 February 2014

the one about the westing game

Another week, another book. This time I read The Westing Game. I remember having to read this book for school in sixth grade and absolutely loving it. It's one of those where you're the only person with all the clues and you have to try to figure it out before the end. It's Clue on steroids.

Even though I had read it before, I couldn't remember it all so I tore through it; I'm talking like 48 hours here, people. The way the author puts the whole story together and absolutely draws you in is amazing! I couldn't do anything else while I read this book. I slowly pieced together the clues and guessed right (does it count if I've read it before?....maybe)! One of the best books I've read in a long time. Super fast read; pick it up!

Beware to all who dare play the Westing Game.....